Color Up Your Life: Pastel Colors July 24, 2015 23:02 28 Comments

If anything, Pastel Colors look even more charming in a season that’s all about Falling Leafs,Cold, Snow and Slippery Ice. Putting their frosty coat on, the palest of pinks, blues and lavender hues are ready to play it all dainty and sweet, adding contrast to your favorite winter looks. The Fall/Winter 2015-2016 fashion trends have sparked a lot of fuel because we are taking it back to the 70s. However, no matter what trend you are following you will see a lot of pastel colors as well. Some believe the innocence of pastel colors is only for warm and sunny weather. AS IF! Pastel has made its way into this Fall/Winter color trends with quite a bit of focus, bring the chic and the sophisticated in with the beautiful Fall and Winter Collections.


Suits, Jumpsuits, One Piece(s)

Since we are playing with the balance between masculinity and femininity, lighter colored sets are actually quite appealing! Whether they are warmer fabrics or more silky versions of the pastel pieces, the minimalism comes in very handy, particularly with the gentle lavender accentuating your natural coloring.

Getting Shit Done Sneakers

Think you can't wear sneakers to the office? Think again! This Fashion Treatz girl obviously has places to go and things to do, and those gravely streets can be murder on a pair of heels. Besides, that little pop of blush purse absolutely makes the outfit, so office-dressing conventions be damned.


Mix & Match your Outerwear

The candy is soft in color too, not the bright and the stark and the bold that we see in candy stores. These are more adult mints and milky designs, appearing on garments from over sized faux fur coats to casual outfits with a mix of pastels. These pieces should be treated as a major part of your integral Fall and Winter wardrobes, wherein you mix a pastel piece in with every outfit you wear out to work, to a date or simply to enjoy yourself on the town.


Candy Coated Nights

Trust a coat to turn into a bold statement the moment it’s nearly touching ground and even noticed, its silhouette closely following along the lines of the body, its pockets, collars, sleeves re-imagined, revamped and ready to transform a basic staple into a street-style wonder.


Head Turning Hats

The head wear trend is one of the most important accessories in a women's wardrobe, as it's the representative thing which makes the first impression by people looking at you (from Head to Toe), as well as it spices up any look for the colder season.  Never ever think that to cover up your bad hair you could wear a hat. There is a lot more than that. Hats are great for many reasons not just for bad hair. It is also a great way to style your outfit with a complete classy look. To express your sense of style you can wear a hat and stay chic. If you plan to keep the outfit minimal then you can add accessories such as wearing sunglasses and a hat of your choice. It will make you look glamorous.